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Art Nouveau is an international philosophy and style of art, architecture and applied art – especially the decorative arts – that was most popular during 1890–1910. English uses the French name Art nouveau ("new art"), but the style has many different names in other countries. Art Nouveau, Modern Style or Reform Style are just three names for this period.

A reaction to academic art of the 19th century, it was inspired by natural forms and structures, not only in flowers and plants, but also in curved lines. Art Nouveau is considered a "total" art style, embracing architecture, graphic art, interior design, and most of the decorative arts including jewellery, furniture, textiles, household silver and other utensils and lighting, as well as the fine arts. According to the philosophy of the style, art should be a way of life.

Decorative surface design with new forms also influenced the glass art. During the art-historical movement of Art Nouveau not only art objects were re-imagined, but also the glass art. Famous Art Nouveau artists are Gustav Klimt, Alfonso Mucha, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Walter Crane. In our shop you can find well-known art works of Gustav Klimt, for example “The Kiss”, a high quality bronze sculpture.
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