Chinese Traditional

The cultures of the Peoples Republic of China are very different from any other cultures in the world and are mainly influenced by Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism. The history of the culture has resulted in numerous buildings such as the Great Wall or the Imperial Palace in the city of Beijing, which is a part of the Forbidden City is. In China there are more than 30 buildings that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Because the Chinese culture is more than four thousand years old, the Chinese art also looks back on a long tradition. The Chinese art, which exists in ancient and in modern China, is an expression of the culture of China. Chinese art is versatile and is not to be found only in the architecture and literature, but also in visual arts.

Special attention was paid to Chinese bronzes of the Shang period, during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The chief reason for this was not only the extraordinary shape of the bronzes, but also an unusual patina, which shone through chemical processes green, blue or red. The bronze art in China has begun with the Shang Dynasty (16th century BC to 11th century BC), the second dynasty of the country that considers itself as the Middle Kingdom.
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