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Viennese manufacturers produced numerous erotic sculptures in small format. The idea to manufacture bronze figures and paint them in a naturalistic way was first developed by Franz Bergmann in 1860 and perfected later by his son Xaver.

For their erotic designs they changed their markings into “NAMGREB” which is the firm`s name in reverse. These delicate objects were at all times highly priced by collectors and are today still the secret treasures in the gentlemen rooms.

The founder of the famous bronze production in Vienna, Franz Bergmann, was born in 1838 in Jablonec. At a young age he went to Vienna and learned professional bronze processing. In 1860 Franz Bergmann completed his masters examination as a chaser. The bronze art of France he met when he attended the 1884 World Exhibition in Paris. The establishment of the bronze foundry was a great success. The characteristic animal figures and erotic bronzes are in great demand among collectors.

Around the turn of the 19th century there existed more than 60 production companies in Vienna for Viennese Bronzes. Most of these companies however disappeared between the First and the Second World War and also many of the originals got lost over the years.

Come and see the erotic sculptures of famous artists like Bruno Zach, Milo, and so on. You will find high quality depictions of male and female nudes as well as sexual acts.
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