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The term „militaria“ designate military articles of historical interest, such as weapons, uniforms, and equipment. Militaria items include cutting and stabbing weapons, badges and medals or uniforms and other military clothing such as helmets, spiked helmets and other headgear and military figures.

In addition to these things militaria collections also include antiquarian newspapers, tin figures and coins. The majority of militaria collections can be found in museums. Among the most well-known German museums is the Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden, Saxony, which was re-opened in October of 2011 after extensive renovation and expansion work. Chief architect of the new building was Daniel Libeskind (* 1946).

In contrast to the large public collections of museums, most private collectors specialize in one subject such as Empire, Third Reich, The National People’s Army (NVA) or the topic of the Weimar Republic.

Come and see bronze caps, bronze busts of famous people like the German Emperor William I., Otto von Bismarck, Napoléon Bonaparte and so on. You will find high quality depictions of great politicians and participants of history in our shop.
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